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Building Plans/Architectural Designs

We undertake different types of building plans/architectural designs. These comprise floor plans, site plans, cross sections, elevation (interior & exterior) and landscape drawings. Our team of experts will provide the concept and design of the building to be constructed.

Structural Drawings/Designs

We provide well informed, comprehensive and accurate structural drawings/ designs that ensures structures are durable and suitable for effective and efficient use.
Speak to us for all your setting out & framework drawings as well as detailed structured designs for residential, commercial, hospitals, shopping complexes among others.
Equipped with skilled structural engineers, Knockskan construction can boast of its most sustainable and energy efficient structures that are tailor made to its cherished clients.

Estimate/Quantity Survey

Be assured of skilled estimators that analyse plans, specifications, create detailed estimates for particular areas of the project as well as knowledgeable and experienced surveyors that manage all aspects of the cost of construction projects. It entails initial estimates, cost plans, valuations, estimates and management of contracts and final accounts. Your projects will be completed on time and within budget. Connect with us for better project and risk management that saves cost.

Building and Construction

With our experienced and trustworthy experts in the construction field, your building construction in any of the various stages will be of a higher quality that requires less building maintenance and fewer repairs over time. Considerable time and effort is offered to ensure successful completion of your building construction.

Supervision Work

Our team of competent professionals continues to oversee, inspect, monitor and coordinate all projects to ensure efficient completion within a given time frame. Further performance and compliance monitoring with the required regulations is also done. We help you reduce accidents and save costs when we undertake accurate supervision for all your projects.

Land Survey

We also provide various types of land survey ( topographic, boundary, location or site plan survey) services and help you understand your land boundaries, where to build, how much it will cost and how long it will take.

Land Documentation

Save time and eliminate delays in accessing the required and proper documentation for all your land needs when you contact us.

Public Education on Land & Construction

Knockskan construction takes a notch higher in undertaking comprehensive public education on Land Act. We sensitize you with your rights and responsibilities. This enhanced knowledge to promote better communities, curb disputes and misunderstandings among citizens.

Purchasing & Supply of Building Materials

In order for the smooth running and efficient implementation of construction projects, it is essential that building materials have an acceptable specification and are purchased at a good price.


Our effective and skilled consultants deliver intelligent solutions that are fully coordinated before projects are undertaken. This in-depth insight mitigates some level of risks associated with the project.

Techniques and Support

Knockskan Services & Construction LTD. structural support refers to the part of a structural member that provides the strength and necessary stiffness needed to resist applied forces and safely transfer them to the ground.
The external loads applied on the supports lead to the build-up of internal resisting forces.

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